Discount dog registrations


Council is encouraging dog owners to register their dogs in July to take advantage of the 50% discount period. The discount does not apply to pension discounts on 1st dog registrations and for regulated dog registrations.

The registration period runs from 1 July to 30 June each year with renewal due by 31 July. Registration is compulsory for dogs over the age of 12 weeks with penalties applying if registration is not obtained.

Mayor Frank Beveridge said dog registration fees offset the cost of animal management for Council.

“Council has a responsibility for animal management in our region. This includes returning or rehoming lost pets, educating pet owners, enforcing local laws including dog attacks, barking dogs and wandering dogs.

“To offset the costs of animal management, Council charges pound fees, issues animal infringement notices (fines) and charges dog registration.

“Being a responsible pet owner includes registering your dog with Council. When a dog is registered, rangers can more easily identify who the owner is if the dog is lost and return it,” said the Mayor.

“I also want to remind pet owners, that registration fees are significantly less for desexed animals. If you would like to desex your pets, dog or cat, Council is again supporting the RSPCA’s ‘Operation Wanted’ this year.”

Operation Wanted is a de-sexing initiative which involves local councils, local veterinary clinics and the RSPCA. As part of the initiative pet owners can receive a 20% discount for desexing their dog or cat in June, July or August.

Council will be issuing renewal notices to dog owners within the next two weeks.


Council Animal Registrations / Renewals

RSPCA Operation Wanted Desexing Campaign

OGG 11 June 2020