Millchester Road Victory St Intersection Upgrade

Project overview

The Millchester Road/Victory Street Intersection Upgrade project forms part of a wider project to provide an alternate route for over size/over mass vehicles which are unable to utilise the Flinders Highway due to the rail underpass.  This is critical for business and industry when traversing north/south or east/west for efficiency and economy.

Council completed works on New Queen Road in late 2019 and the Millchester Road/Victory Street works along with Victory Street/York Street (Flinders Highway) works form the complete project.

The project allows wider swept paths for over size/over mass vehicles and subsequently Council has purchased 2 Millchester Road for demolition to gain these wider swept paths.

The project will also effect changes in Sadds Lane.  Upon completion of the project Sadds Lane will become a Cul de sac with no entry or exit from Victory Street.

The project also allows potential green space to be incorporated in the future when funds allow.


The works are funded through the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS).  TIDS underpins the Roads and Transport Alliance which is a cooperative governance arrangement between the Department of Transport and Main Roads, the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) and local governments to invest in and regionally manage the Queensland transport network.

Through the Roads and Transport Alliance, projects eligible for consideration in the TIDS works program include local roads of regional significance, active transport infrastructure and safe school travel infrastructure.

Given the New Queen/Millchester/Victory/York route provides an alternative to the State controlled corridor for vehicles that are over width and/or over height that need to circumvent the rail underpass, the project was selected by the Regional Roads and Transport Group (RRTG - comprised of Local Government elected representatives and a Department of Transport and Main Roads District Director) as a priority within TIDS eligibility.

TIDS funding is allocated to the highest priority road and transport projects in their region, and is matched 50:50.

In the current year the investment in the upgrade is $1,662,000.

Contact Details

Should you require further information please contact Council on (07) 4761 5300 or


The works will be undertaken at the corner of Millchester Road and Victory Street expanding into Sadds Lane.

Project Sponsor

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    Councillor Bernie Robertson - Roads Portfolio

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100% Design - May 2021

Demolition of 2 Millchester Road - May 2021

Construction commences - January 2022

Construction finalised - June 2022


  • With access via Victory Street being removed, road users into and out of Sadds Lane will be required to use either the intersection at York Street or Bluff Lane, as Sadds Lane will become a cul de sac.

Community Communication

Council has communicated with residents in the Sadds Lane area as unfortunately, the upgrade cannot accommodate the current movements into Sadds Lane from Victory Street.
Subsequently, Council has designed Sadds Lane with a cul-de-sac at the Victory Street end with two-way movement which will have all access from Bluff Lane via York Street.
The new design incorporating the Sadds Lane cul-de-sac is considered the only safe solution, taking into account the sight distances between the three intersecting roads.  Other treatments were investigated for Sadds Lane however, no other solution to provide a safe intersection was considered viable.
There will be no change to heavy vehicle traffic volumes as the route is currently in use.
Residents directly affected by the project can provide feedback to Council by phoning 4761 5300 or
Council acknowledges that the upgrade and associated change may cause some initial inconvenience and appreciates the cooperation of the public.