Flood Damage DRFA 2021

Project overview

The Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) is a jointly funded program between the Australian Government and state and territory (state) governments, through which the Australian Government provides financial assistance to support state governments with disaster recovery costs.
In response to the disaster, assistance has been activated for the area formally defined as: “Communities within Far North and North West Queensland affected by TC Imogen and Associated Low Pressure System, 2 – 12 January 2021”.

Council has submitted the below work packages to the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA). Each package is named after the dominant arterial road in the package but Restoration of Essential Public Assets (REPA) works will be undertaken on lower order roads associated with each package, if works have been identified.

The works are within the northern district of the Charters Towers Regional Council area, which is the most heavily impacted area from the event.


The project is estimated to be $60M, however all submissions are subject to approval by the Queensland Reconstruction Agency (QRA).


For the location of works please view the live map.

Contact Details

For further information relating to the project please phone Council on (07) 4761 5300 or email mail@charterstowers.qld.gov.au

Project Sponsor

  • Which Councillor's portfolio does the project belong to?

    Councillor Bernie Robertson - Roads


Emergent Works - January to April 2021

Reconstruction of Essential Public Assets (REPA) Data Collection - February 2021

Proposed 17 submissions and 17 work packages

Restoration works to commence - November 2021

Construction completion - 30 March 2023

Program completion - 30 June 2023

Program close out - 30 September 2023


  • The DRFA is a joint funding initiative of the Australian and state governments to provide disaster relief and recovery payments and infrastructure restoration to help communities recover from the effects of natural disasters and terrorist acts. In Queensland, this program is managed on a whole-of-government basis by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA).

  • A natural disaster or terrorist act for which:

    • a coordinated multi-agency response was required; and
    • state expenditure exceeds the Commonwealth’s small disaster criterion, which is set at $240,000 for the 2020-21 financial year
  • In Queensland, the Minister for Fire and Emergency Services is responsible for activating the DRFA. The DRFA activation relies on the damage, loss and personal hardship information provided by state agencies and local governments.

  • Whilst awaiting flood damage works, if there is a safety issue within the roadway, you can lodge a customer request for the Council maintenance team to assess and undertake specific safety repair works where required.

Roads Packages

Works Package (WP) Status Update
WP01: Valley of Lagoons 8%

Construction to recommence after the completion of WP03 Mount Fox.

WP02: Conjuboy Craiglee 0%

Estimated start date 15 August 2022 following WP07 Gregory Springs.

WP03: Mount Fox 10%

Construction underway.

WP04: Jessie Springs 0% Estimated start date 11 May 2022 following WP09 Dotswood.
WP05: Hillgrove Niall 100% Construction works physically complete.
WP06: Ewan Laroona 14%

Construction underway.

WP07: Gregory Springs 0%

Production of material has commenced.  Delay to supply of critcal parts due to Southeast Qld flooding event.

WP08: Fletchervale 100% Construction works physically complete.
WP09: Dotswood 45% Water and gravel sourcing issues in addition to Covid-19 has delayed the package.
WP10: Myola 36%

Construction underway.

WP11: Longton Yarrowmere 0% Estimated start date 18 August 2022.
WP12: Helenslee 0% Estimated start date 29 August 2022. 
WP13: Lornesleigh 0% Estimated start date 4 July 2022.
WP14: Burdekin Falls 0% Estimated start date 31 August 2022.
WP15: Lake Buchanan 0% Estimated start date 18 August 2022.
WP16: Scartwater 0% Estimated start date 20 June 2022.
WP17: Environs 0% QRA approval received.
WP18: Laronna 0% Estimated start date 25 July 2022.
WP19: Bridges 0% Submitted to QRA for approval.