Rural Industry Advisory Committee


The Rural Industry Advisory Committee (RIAC) was formed to provide advice to Council for its determination on matters of importance to rural residents, including, but not limited to, the following issues within the Charters Towers Regional Council boundaries:

  • Compliance with regard to grids;
  • The impacts and control of restricted invasive plant;
  • The impacts and control of wild dogs; and
  • Other matters idenftified by Council or the RIAC to be of concern to rural residents.

Terms of Reference for the RIAC

Local Government Area quadrants


Current Members include:

Quadrant 1

Carol Ross
Peter Glenwright - 0428 650 108,
John Brownson - 0428 636 494,
Peter Fryer
Richard Burge
Blair Knuth

Quadrant 2

Patrick Sharf - 0428 644 338,
Josephine Heading - 4770 4485,

Quadrant 3

Neil Angus - 0428 876 428,
Mellissa Angus - 0488 538 474,

Quadrant 4

Viv Caspani - 4770 3183,
Gavin Spurdle


The Rural Industry Advisory Committee is currently in abeyance - rural residents are invited to make contact with Council by telephone, correspondence or email with any issues they may have.