Council Responsibilities

Council's charter is to provide for the good rule and government of its constituents.  In meeting its obligations, Council must act within the law and the decisions made, services rendered and action taken must be based on a legitimate head of power provided by law.

The primary source of Council's authority to act and the specific responsibilities owed by Council to the community are derived from the Local Government Act 2009.  Other legislation to which Council has responsibility to abide by and enforce include Building Act 1975Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002Environmental Protection Act 1994Public Health Act 2005 and the Planning Act 2016 to name a few.

Council Services

A general list of the product and services provided by Council are:-


 Official functions and delegations

Animal management

 Online Services

Arts and cultural



 Parks and Gardens



Ceremonies and celebrations such as
ANZAC Day, Australia Day, Citizenships, etc

 Property searches

City cleaning


Citizenship ceremonies

 Refuse collection and disposal

Council facilities

 Road network maintenance/construction

Disaster management

 Sewerage reticulation and treatment

Economic development

 Saleyard services and facilities

Environmental health

 Stock route management and control

Emergency services

 Swimming pools

Food safety


Information provision services

 Town planning and associated development

Land protection

 Waste and recycling

Laws and regulations

 Water and wastewater




Council Facilities

A general list of Council facilities and general information networks supported by Council are:- 

Administration Centre, 12 Mosman Street

Pentland - S.E.S. Depot

Airport – Charters Towers

Pentland - Soldiers Memorial Hall

Air strips – Greenvale, Pentland & Ravenswood

Pentland - Sports Complex

Apex Park

Pentland - Tennis Courts

Arthur Titley Centre

Public Toilets - Gill Street City

Balfes Creek Community Hall

Ravenswood - Ambulance Building

Brownson Park

Ravenswood - Caravan Park/Showgrounds

Cemetery - Pioneer Cemetery

Ravenswood - Cemetery

Cemetery - Lynd Highway

Ravenswood - Church

Centenary Park

Ravenswood - Community Hall

City Hall

Ravenswood - Court House Complex

Defiance Mill Park & Community Centre

Ravenswood - Information Centre

Equestrian Centre

Ravenswood - Pool

Excelsior Library

Ravenswood - School of Arts

Fletcher Creek Public Toilets

Ravenswood - S.E.S. Depot

Gold and Beef Meeting Rooms

Ravenswood - Tennis Courts

Greenvale - Cemetery

Rotary Lookout/Buckland's Hill

Greenvale - Church Hall


Greenvale - Community Hall

S.E.S Depot - Charters Towers

Greenvale - Pool

Sellheim - Cemetery

Greenvale - Sports Oval

Showground - Charters Towers

Greenvale - Tennis & Basketball Courts

Swimming Pool - Charters Towers

Greenvale - Works Depot

Greenvale - Joint Emergency Services Building (incl RFDS Clinic)

Towers Hill Lookout & pathways/shelters

Venus Battery

Hervey Range Community Centre

Visitor Information Centre

Hidden Valley Community Centre

Weir Park

Lissner Park

Wheelers House and Shop

Macrossan Park Public Toilets & Picnic Facilities

Wherry House

Mingela - Cemetery

World Theatre and Cinema Complex

Mingela - Public Toilets

Works Depots at:                    

Parks – various – located across the region

- Charters Towers Airport

Parks – various – located across the region

- Charters Towers Highway

Pentland - Cemetery

- Pentland

Pentland - Pool

- Ravenswood

Pentland - Public Toilets

- Greenvale


General Information Network

Charters Towers Visitor Information Centre - The centre, located at 74 Mosman Street, holds a wealth of knowledge on Charters Towers and the regional and surrounding outback towns. This extensive range of information includes the Charters Towers Region, Townsville and Magnetic Island and the themed driving routes of The Great Inland Way, Overlander's Way, The Great Tropical Drive, The Matilda Highway and The Savannah Way. Also available are public internet facilities and a booking service for local tours and attractions.

Online Services

Council provides the following online services:-

Council Publications

Council provides the following reports/publications online:-