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Council Policies

Council's corporate policies and guidelines detailing the manner in which Council fulfills its obligations and functions are detailed below.  Policies are approved and adopted by Council.

Certain policies are available online.  If you require access to a particular Council  policy which is not published, a written request should be made to: 

The Chief Executive Officer
Charters Towers Regional Council
PO Box 189
Charters Towers  QLD  4820 




Date Adopted

  552kb General Complaints Process 8 July 2009
  2.54mb Charters Towers City Council Planning Scheme 19 July 2006
  3.64mb Dalrymple Shire Council Planning Scheme 14 August 2006
  2.53mb Stock Route Network Management Plan 14 April 2010
  212kb Recruitment Policy 14 January 2009
  251kb Recruitment Policy - Limited Tenure & Casual Employment 9 September 2009
  296kb Recruitment Guidelines 9 September 2009
  245kb Procurement Policy 19 February 2014
  27kb Debt Policy 11 July 2013
  105kb Revenue Policy 11 July 2013
  1.43mb Revenue Statement 11 July 2013
  258kb Entertainment and Hospitality Expenditure Policy 12 January 2011
  242kb Advertising Spending Policy 10 November 2010
  245kb Councillor's Expenses Reimbursement Policy  14 December 2011
  792kb Corporate Plan 2013 - 2018  11 July 2013
  722kb Operational Plan 2014 - 2015 18 June 2014
  1.43mb Total Management Plan for Water Supply and Sewerage Services 14 April 2010
  944kb Pest Management Plan (adopted by Dalrymple Shire Council) 13 June 2003
  491kb Community Engagement Plan 20 November 2013
  230kb Environmental Policy 11 February 2011
  386kb Sexual Harassment Prevention and Resolution Policy 11 February 2011
  169kb Chemical Handling Procedure for the Treatment of Weeds
including Declared and Nuisance Weed Control, Application and Recording
9 March 2011
  2.3mb Councillor Contact with Lobbyists 13 April 2011
  218kb Accelerated Compliance Assessment for Reconfiguration Applications 13 April 2011
  311kb Charters Towers Regional Council Employee Code of Conduct 15 May 2013
  394kb Advice Guidelines Made by the Chief Executive Officer on Councillor Requests 19 June 2013
  51kb Public Interest Disclosure Policy 13 July 2011
  54kb Regulated Infrastructure Charges Schedule (former Charters Towers City Planning Area) 10 August 2011
  29kb Equal Opportunity Of Employment Policy 10 August 2011
  211kb Enterprise Risk Management Policy 11 April 2012
  226kb Arts and Cultural Development Policy 11 April 2012
  272kb Strategic Policy Framework 21 May 2014
  417kb Standing Orders Policy 19 June 2013
  188kb Investment Policy 11 July 2013
  132kb Community Grants Policy 18 June 2014
  120kb Councillors' Discretionary Funds 21 May 2014