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Click on the movie title or poster for further information about the movie.  Please call the above number to ensure changes to screening times have not been made.  Tickets for the World Theatre cannot be purchased under each poster.  Please use the ‘VenueTickets' link above.  


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Start Time

Wednesday, 20 August Guardians of the Galaxy (M) 10.15 am
3D  6.30 pm
  Mrs Brown's Boys: D'Movie (M) 10.30 am
8.30 pm
  Hercules (M) 3D  8.45 pm
  The Pirate Fairy (G) Special One Night Screening
6.40 pm
Thursday, 21 August Lucy (MA15+)  7.15 pm
  Hercules (M) 7.00 pm
Friday, 22 August Guardians of the Galaxy (M) 6.30 pm
  Lucy (MA15+)  6.45 pm
  Hercules (M) 3D  8.45 pm
  Mrs Brown's Boys: D'Movie (M) 8.35 pm
Saturday, 23 August Guardians of the Galaxy (M) 3D  1.30 pm
6.40 pm
  Lucy (MA15+) 8.20 pm
  Hercules (M) 8.50 pm
  Mrs Brown's Boys: D'Movie (M) 1.40 pm
  Snow White (1937) (G) 6.30 pm
Sunday, 24 August Guardians of the Galaxy (M)  3D  3.30 pm
  Lucy (MA15+) 3.20 pm
  Hercules (M) 3D  1.40 pm
  Snow White (1937) (G) Final Screening             1.30 pm
Monday, 25 August Closed  
Tuesday, 26 August Closed  
Wednesday, 27 August Guardians of the Galaxy (M) 10.15 am
  Final Screening  3D  6.30 pm
  Lucy (MA15+) 10.30 am
6.45 pm
  Hercules (M) Final Screening             8.50 pm
  Mrs Brown's Boys: D'Movie (M) Final Screening             8.35 pm


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Live Performances

See the Events Page for scheduled Live Performances.


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World Theatre Gallery

The World Theatre Gallery Collection has grown significantly since its opening in 1996 and the gallery's collection reflects the many facets of this region.  The gallery's compilation ranges from important Queensland artists and objects of historical significance to valuable contemporary and historic photographic works showcasing urban and rural landscapes.  The World Theatre Gallery is constantly developing and the gallery enjoys the support of the Friends of the Theatre and backing from the Charters Towers Regional Council.

The gallery is the largest gallery within this region, with over 20 000 visitors annually and presents a broad range of exhibitions, including Charters Towers' rich historical past through to contemporary Australian art, social history, local artists and national touring programs.

On display at the World Theatre Gallery from 8 May - 8 June 2014 is Museum Exposed!, a touring exhibition that features the exceptional work of Stuart Humphreys, Carl Bento and James King, who are part of the photography  department from the Australian Museum. The photographers have unique access to some of the world's best artifacts and exhibitions, giving them the chance to take photos like none other.  From a Lion wrapped in plastic to a man with an aerial in his hand and a bird on his head, photographers of the Australian Museum in Sydney are exposed to many unique visual opportunities in their daily working lives. 

For details of upcoming exhibitions, please contact Council's Community Development Manager on phone 07 4761 5519.

Henry's Restaurant

Reservations: Phone 07 4787 4333