Animal Management


Animals are a major part of society.  Laws and regulations have been enacted to ensure that:-

  1. the wellbeing and welfare of animals kept in society are protected;
  2. the right of individuals to keep animals is protected; and
  3. animals are kept in a manner that does not cause annoyance or nuisance amongst neighbours or the general public at large.

Council is responsible for ensuring the monitoring and enforcement of State laws governing animal management and the introduction, implementation and enforcement of local laws governing animal management.

Legislation applicable to animal management includes the:-

Passed on 11 December 2008, the Act promotes responsible pet ownership and specifies mandatory requirements for:-

  1. registration of dogs;
  2. micro-chipping of dogs and cats;
  3. compulsory desexing of dogs in certain circumstances; and
  4. management and regulation of restricted dogs and regulated dogs.

A restricted dog is a dog of a breed prohibited from importation into Australia under the Customs Act 1901 (Cwlth).
See the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 (Cwlth), section 3 and schedule 1 (Goods the importation of which is prohibited absolutely).

Also, a dog is a restricted dog if it is the subject of a restricted dog declaration.

A regulated dog is a declared dangerous dog, a declared menacing dog or a restricted dog.

With exception of the provisions concerning restricted and regulated dogs and the requirement to register dogs that came into effect on 1 July 2009, all other matters dealt with by the Act commence 1 July 2010.

For further information on this Act and the associated Regulation, please visit the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel.

Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws

Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws are laws enacted by Council pursuant to the Local Government Act 1993 detailing various matters designed at ensuring the proper management of animals including:-

  1. the number of animals that may be kept;
  2. the specific requirements and standards for the keeping of animals;
  3. offences resulting from the failure to properly keep animals; and
  4. impoundment procedures.

For further information on the Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws that Council currently has enacted, please visit the Department of Local Government website.