Located on the Flinders Highway West, the H.M. Clarke Saleyards (commonly referred to as Dalrymple Saleyards) was officially opened in March 1968.

Fat and Store Sales are conducted every Wednesday (dependent upon numbers) at the Saleyards.

The Saleyards is accredited under the National Saleyards Quality Assurance Limited. Council is continually upgrading the facilities at its Saleyards making it the major facility in North Queensland.

Dalrymple Saleyards is NLIS compliant and currently has 142 sale pens in addition to holding yard capacity of approximately 12,000 head, two (2) full deck cattle weighbridges, vehicle weighbridge, cattle and vehicle wash down facilities.

Council is registered with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry as an offline tick clearing centre and also holds accreditation as a live export holding yard.  The H.M. Clarke Saleyards also has an agent's office, toilet facilities and an amenities building for the serving of food and drinks.

The Saleyards complex incorporates Dalrymple Stadium and Dalrymple Arenas (Dalrymple Equestrian Centre).