2017-2018 Programs

Charters Towers Regional Council is always seeking to improve and maintain public roads and infrastructure.

Maintenance works are carried out when defects are found through routine inspections or by Council staff or members of the public. Council's Roads Infrastructure Department aims to complete jobs in road construction, pothole repairs, drainage and footpath maintenance and day-to-day operations to uphold the assets within the Council Region. 

Council has adopted the annual Rural Maintenance Program for 2017-2018.‚Äč  Details of the scheduled work can be viewed via the maps below:

Please note that Quarter 3 and 4 works have been delayed due to wet weather, some roads in the northern half of the region will be delayed further whilst flood damage assessments are undertaken.  Revised Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 maintenance maps will be updated to reflect these changes in May 2018.

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4