Various activities such as holding a street stall, erecting an advertising device, keeping of animals, operating a caravan park etc. require the approval of Council pursuant to the relevant local law, prior to being undertaken.

Listed below are examples of activities that require an approval.  Application forms may be obtained by either attending in person at Council's Administration Office or City Hall or by clicking on the link provided below.  In most circumstances, Council will endeavour to issue an approval within ten (10) days.

You may also peruse the relevant local laws governing the requirements for an approval, including requirements to be submitted in support of an application for an approval or the approval process in general, by visiting the Department of Local Government, Community Recovery and Resilience website.

If you would like further information, please contact Council's Department of Planning and Sustainable Development on phone 07 4761 5544 or email

Activity (I want to...) Prescribed Activity Description Legislation Application Form

Undertake one of the following activities on a local government controlled area or road:

  • a cake stall, raffle, sausage sizzle, car wash or similar fundraiser;
  • a Wedding in a Park;
  • a street parade or festival;
  • a car display;
  • a novelty vehicle race (e.g. go-kart race);
  • placing of a display or information booth;
  • conducting a social gathering or meeting of 50 or more people;
  • conducting an organised sporting activity of regional, State or National significance;
  • an invitation-only ceremony, party or celebration attended by more than 50 people;
  • a training event held on no more than 1 day;
  • a training event held on no more than 1 day without payment of a fee; or
  • a musical or theatrical performance undertaken by a person to entertain the public otherwise than for reward.
Undertaking Regulated Activities on Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads Subordinate Local Law No. 1.14


(PDF, 203kb)


Supply goods and services (including food and drink) for profit. Commercial Use of Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads Subordinate Local Law No. 1.2


(PDF, 194kb) 

Erect, construct, install, position or place a structure for temporary use as a place of residence. Establishment or Occupation of a Temporary Home Subordinate Local Law No. 1.3


(PDF, 55kb)

Carry out works on a road or interfere with a road or its operation.  This includes approval to close a road/footpath or to carry out building work on same, such as installation of a pipe or crossover. Carry out Works on a Road or Interfere with a Road or its Operation Subordinate Local Law No. 1.5


(PDF, 226kb)

  • Bury or dispose of human remains at a location outside of a cemetery (i.e. private property)
  • Disturb human remains buried outside a cemetery or within a local government cemetery
Undertaking Regulated Activities Regarding Human Remains Subordinate Local Law No. 1.13


(PDF, 249kb)

Install, erect or display an advertising device that is visible from a road or other public place. Installation of an Advertising Device Subordinate Local Law No. 1.14


(PDF, 171kb)

  • Construct an access from a Road.
  • Place a water pipe under a Road.
Alteration or Improvement to Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads Subordinate Local Law No. 1.1


(PDF, 193kb)

Operate, on a commercial basis, a place for parking and residing in caravans, including a place that provides also for complementary accommodation Operation of Caravan Parks Subordinate Local Law No. 1.8


(PDF, 180kb)

Provide shared facility accommodation to holiday makers or travellers, but not accommodation in a hotel or motel. Operation of Shared Facility Accommodation Subordinate Local Law No. 1.11


(PDF, 153kb)

Open to the public, or prepare for opening to the public, of an entertainment event. Operation of Temporary Entertainment Events Subordinate Local Law No. 1.12


(PDF, 266kb)