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Think twice before lighting backyard fires

Charters Towers Regional Council is urging residents to be responsible with backyard fires this season and to think twice before lighting up.

Property owners planning to light a fire greater than two metres high or wide need to obtain a permit from the local Queensland Fire and Rescue Service.

Residents are reminded fire pits are not to be used as an incinerator for domestic waste.

 “We saw severe bushfires spread across our state last season and this year will probably be bigger again, especially with the high vegetation growth caused by February’s floods,” said Mayor Liz Schmidt.

“These bushfires put extreme pressure on emergency services personnel and backyard fires can add to their workload. They can also be a real nuisance for neighbours.”

Last season Charters Towers firefighters responded to several nuisance backyard fires which resulted when neighbours called triple zero because of excess smoke.

“Residents need to be considerate of their neighbours and make sure fires don’t smoulder for hours. If you do need to burn off, it only takes a few minutes to let your neighbour know what you’re doing and put fires out quickly and responsibly.  This can save Emergency Services responding for no reason.

“Residents have a responsibility to consider community safety and avoid fire hazards. You need to be mindful about where and when you are burning and what you’re burning. Hazardous materials and chemicals shouldn’t be burnt and should be disposed of correctly.

“Green waste can easily be composted, which is great for the garden rather than being burnt,” said the Mayor.

For smoke complaints or questions regarding local laws, contact Council on 4761 5300 or visit


EJH 20 June, 2019