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Councillor message - Landfill Fees - Cr Bernie Robertson

The Queensland Government will be introducing their Waste Levy within the next 2 weeks on 1 July 2019.

The levy is $75 per tonne (GST exclusive) for commercial waste, which includes construction and demolition waste, industrial waste and municipal solid waste.

Municipal waste includes household waste from wheelie bins, domestic self-haul waste, public litter bins in parks and streets, street sweepings and public place maintenance.

The reason for the levy is to reduce waste, discourage out-of-state businesses using Queensland as a dumping ground and to encourage businesses to increase recycling and recovery of waste.

Waste from declared natural disasters will be exempt from the levy and Charitable recycling organisations can apply for exemptions for waste donated but cannot be used or recycled.

Council does not issue or approve waste levy exemptions. More information on charitable exemptions can be found here

To offset the direct impact on households, the Queensland Government will be providing annual payments to Council to cover municipal solid waste generated by households.

In Council’s April General meeting we resolved not to increase landfill fees for domestic waste at the Stubley Street landfill.

This means that gate fees at the Stubley Street Landfill will remain the same in the new financial year for domestic waste.  Prices can be found on Council’s website

For Commercial waste, the levy will be added to Council’s gate fee and will be paid as one fee with the levy portioned remitted to the state government.

For more information about the Waste Levy visit

Councillor Bernie Robertson

EJH 20 June 2019