Council Policies

Council's corporate policies and guidelines detail the manner in which Council fulfils its obligations and functions. Most are either statutory or strategic, and are therefore required to be approved and adopted by Council, while a number of them are reviewed during various external audit functions, and reported back to the State Government.

Certain policies are available online via the following table.  If you require access to a particular Council policy which is not published, a written request should be emailed to or mailed to:  The Chief Executive Officer, Charters Towers Regional Council, PO Box 189 CHARTERS TOWERS QLD 4820.

Charges apply for hard copies of policies - click here for current charges.


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Download file/image Action Plan for Advocacy STRAT00006 _adopted 12 October 2016.docx.pdf
Action Plan for Advocacy STRAT0006 adopted 12 October 2016
Download file/image Advertising Spending Policy- S0027 237.1k
Download file/image Arts and Cultural Development Policy- S0042 220.8k
Download file/image Audit Committee Policy Statutory Policy No S0038
Adopted General Meeting of Council 18 September
Download file/image Audit - Internal Audit Policy No S0040
Adopted General Meeting 15/11/2017
Download file/image Charters Towers Regional Council- Asset and Services Management Plan 818.4k
Download file/image Charters Towers Regional Council Code of Conduct Policy - S0047
Adopted at General Meeting of Council held 15-05-2013
Download file/image Charters Towers Regional Council- Local Disaster Management Plan 1,549.2k
Download file/image Charters Towers Regional Council- Pest Management Plan 2013-2017 2,247.1k
Download file/image Charters Towers Regional Council- Stock Route Network Management Plan 2009-2020 2,586.8k
Download file/image Charters Towers Regional Council- Youth Report Presentation 535.8k
Download file/image Charters Towers Youth Strategy Scoping Report 5,250.0k
Download file/image Chemical Handling Procedures for the Treatment of Weeds including Declared and Nuisance Weed Control, Application and Recording- S0032 165.5k
Download file/image Code of Conduct for Councillors - endorsed November 2018 STRAT0056.pdf
Minister's Code of Conduct for Councillors STRAT0056 - endorsed November 2018
Download file/image Community Engagement Plan 485.2k
Download file/image Complaints Involving Public Officials Policy- S0053 48.3k
Download file/image Complaints Management Policy Vers 3 adopted 13-12-2017
Complaints Management Policy Vers 3 adopted 13-12-2017
Download file/image Concealed Leaks Policy- S0050.pdf 178.6k
Download file/image Councillor Contact with Lobbyists Policy- S0030 2,230.6k
Download file/image Councillors' Confidential Information Policy- STRAT0020
Councillors' Confidential Information Policy
Download file/image Councillors Discretionary Funds Policy S0052 Adopted 15-03-2017 116.4k
Download file/image Councillors' Portfolio System Policy S0043 v3
Councillors' Portfolio System Policy S0043 v3 Adopted May 2016
Download file/image Enterprise Risk Management Policy STRAT0008
Adopted by General Meeting of Council 13 December 2017
Download file/image Entertainment and Hospitality Expenditure Policy- S0028 252.6k
Download file/image Environmental Policy- S0031 53.4k
Download file/image Equal Opportunity of Employment Policy- S0009 29.3k
Download file/image Fraud and Corruption Prevention Framework-STRAT0025 593.8k
Download file/image Gate and Grid Policy- S0049
Adopted by Council 16-07-14
Download file/image Gifts and Benefits Statutory Policy No S0060 258.1k
Download file/image Management of Fraud and Corruption Policy- S0054 68.4k
Download file/image Public Interest Disclosure Policy- S0035 50.7k
Download file/image Recruitment Administrative Directive- D0623 211.6k
Download file/image Recruitment Guidelines Administrative Directive- D0035 295.8k
Download file/image Recruitment – Limited Tenure And Casual Employment Administrative Directive- D0033 250.8k
Download file/image Recruitment of Staff Strategic Policy- STRAT0019 629.0k
Download file/image Register of Delegations - Complete Council to CEO revised 03-05-2018.pdf
Register of Delegations - Council to CEO revised 03-05-2018
Download file/image Regulated Infrastructure Charges-CTC Planning Area- S0039 53.7k
Download file/image Revenue Policy 2016-2017
S0002/Corporate adopted 18-05-2016
Download file/image Revenue Policy 2017-2018
S0002/COR adopted by Council 31 July 2017
Download file/image Revenue Statement 2016-2017
S0003/COR Annexure 'H' adopted 18-07-2016
Download file/image Revenue Statement 2017-2018
Annexure H, adopted 31 July 2017
Download file/image Revenue Statement 2017-2018 a - Water Units
Annexure Ha, adopted 31 July 2017
Download file/image Revenue Statement 2017-2018 b - Combined Refuse Collection areas
Annexure Hb, adopted 31 July 2017
Download file/image Revenue Statement 2017-2018 c - Combined Township Water Areas
Annexure Hc, adopted 31 July 2017
Download file/image S0001 CTRC Debt Policy 2018-2019 316.5k
Download file/image S0001 Debt Policy 2017-18
Adopted 31 July 2017
Download file/image S0002 CTRC Revenue Policy 2018-19 558.7k
Download file/image S0003 CTRC Revenue Statement 2018-19 3,260.5k
Download file/image S0010 Procurement Policy 2018-2019
adopted 26 June 2018
Download file/image S0017 Councillors Expenses Reimbursement Policy
adopted 18 September 2018
Download file/image S0036 GOV - Advice Guidelines - Requests by Councillors
adopted 18 September 2018
Download file/image S0037 CTRC Investment Policy 2018-19 1,643.1k
Download file/image S0037 Investment Policy 2017-2018
adopted 31 July 2017
Download file/image S0043 - Councillors' Portfolio System Protocols
Councillors' Portfolio System Protocols - S0043
Download file/image S0059 Environmental Management System
S0059/PSD Environmental Management System endorsed by General Meeting of Council 18 April 2018
Download file/image Sexual Harassment Prevention and Resolution- S0033 377.6k
Download file/image Social Media Policy- STRAT0004 422.9k
Download file/image Standing Orders Policy S0048_Vers 2 adopted 21-11-2018.pdf
Standing Orders Policy S0048 adopted November 2018
Download file/image STRAT0027 Footpath Risk Management 1,589.7k
Download file/image STRAT0028 Road Management Policy 3,606.2k
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