When must you microchip - 

  • if your cat or dog was born after 1 July 2010;
  • before you supply a cat or dog; or
  • if your dog is a declared regulated dog.

To supply a cat or dog means to do any of the following things:

  1. exchange, give away or sell a cat or dog;
  2. offer or agree to supply a cat or dog;
  3. cause or permit a supply of a cat or dog; or
  4. possess for supply.

If a cat or dog is found without its registration tag, having a microchip will mean that the cat or dog will still be able to be returned to you.  Vets have the necessary microchipping qualification and can implant your cat or dog with a microchip.

Kittens and puppies must be microchipped before 12 weeks of age.

Remember to tell your microchip registry if your contact details change so that the information they hold about your animals is up to date.

Fact Sheet Registration and Identification (PDF, 173kb)