Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws are laws enacted by Council pursuant to the Local Government Act 2009

For further information on Council's Local Laws and Subordinate Local Laws, please visit the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs website. 

Council has, by resolution, made Community and Environmental Management (Amendment) Local Law (No. 1) 2014.  The purpose and general effect of this is to protect the environment and public health, safety and amenity within the local government area resulting from shopping trolleys removed from retail premises and left unattended on a local government controlled area or road.  The Website Notice (PDF, 13kb) and amended Local Law is now available to view online.  

Local Laws

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Download file/image 01.0 Administration_ 2011.pdf 176.9k
Download file/image 01.1 Alteration or Improvement to LG Controlled Areas and Roads_ 2011.pdf 65.3k
Download file/image 01.2 Commercial Use of Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads_ 2011.pdf 88.9k
Download file/image 01.3 Establishment or occupation of temporary home_ 2011.pdf 61.7k
Download file/image 01.4 Installation of Advertising Devices_ 2011.pdf 867.6k
Download file/image 01.5 Keeping of Animals_ 2011.pdf 66.1k
Download file/image 01.6 Operation of Camping Grounds_ 2011.pdf 37.3k
Download file/image 01.7 Operation of Cane Railways_ 2011.pdf 37.4k
Download file/image 01.8 Operation of Caravan Parks_ 2011.pdf 81.1k
Download file/image 01.9 Operation of Cemeteries_ 2011.pdf 36.9k
Download file/image 1.10 Operation fo Public Swimming Pools_ 2011.pdf 36.9k
Download file/image 1.11 Operation of Shared Facility Accommodation_ 2011.pdf 69.3k
Download file/image 1.12 Operation of Temporary Entertainment Events_ 2011.pdf 71.9k
Download file/image 1.13 Undertaking Regulated Activities Regarding Human Remains_ 2011.pdf 71.6k
Download file/image 1.14 Undertaking Regulated Activities on Local Government Controlled Areas_ 2011.pdf 84.3k
Download file/image 1.15 Carrying Out Works on a Road or Interfering With a Road or its Operation_ 2011.pdf 55.5k
Download file/image 1.18 Bringing or Driving a Motor Vehicle on to a Local Government Controlled Area_ 2011.pdf 61.1k
Download file/image 1.19 Parking Contrary to an indication on an official Traffic Sign Regulating Parking by Time.pdf 68.9k
Download file/image 2.0 Animal Management_ 2011.pdf 149.1k
Download file/image 2.1 Animal Management 2011_SLL
21 August 2019
Download file/image 3.0 Community and Environmental Management_ 2011.pdf 436.9k
Download file/image 3.1 Community and Enviromental Management- SLL 2011.pdf 78.7k
Download file/image 4.0 LG Controlled Areas Facilities and Roads_ 2011.pdf 80.3k
Download file/image 4.1 LG Controlled Areas Facilities and Roads- SLL- 2011.pdf 145.6k
Download file/image 5.0 Parking_ 2011.pdf 50.3k
Download file/image 5.1 _Parking_SLL 2011.pdf 77.6k
Download file/image 7.0 Aerodromes_ 2011.pdf 103.8k
Download file/image Gates and Grids LL 24 -res09-11-11.pdf 156.7k
Download file/image Gates and Grids SLL 24.1-res09-11-11.pdf 142.5k
Download file/image Making of Local Law Website Notice (No.1) 2014 13.1k
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