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Weir Recreation and Ski Park ready to open


Charters Towers Regional Council and the Weir Recreation and Ski Park Reference Group will officially open the Burdekin River to expanded activities from today.
The official opening will take place as part of the Reference Group’s quarterly meeting which will be held at the Dave Chapman Boat Ramp at 5:00pm, 24 October. The Community is invited to attend.
Council established the Reference Group in late 2018 in response to community interest about expanding the recreational use of the Weir.
Recommendations from the Weir Recreation and Ski Park Reference Group were welcomed by Council to allow water skiing and other powered watercraft to be permitted on the Weir.
Designated areas of operation will be displayed at the boat ramp with speed restrictions between the boat ramp and designated skiing area.
Mayor Liz Schmidt said Council has been working with Maritime Safety Queensland to help manage risk.
“Through our Reference Group we have worked closely with Maritime Safety Queensland to allow us to expand the use of the Weir.
“We’ve taken the existing activities into account and created a low impact zone between the new ski area and fishing/canoeing area.
“A system of buoys has been distributed in the river, signage with zonal map has been installed and we’ve adopted the jointly developed risk assessment.
“Although we are doing everything we can to ensure user safety, it’s up to the community to be responsible on the water and to understand the risks when skiing.
“All activities are regulated and Marine Safety Queensland will be enforcing the rules.”
When open the Weir Recreation and Ski Park will allow further water activities, including:
  • Skiing
  • Powered Watercraft
  • >4hp motors
  • Increased upstream access
“The Burdekin River is a beautiful natural asset and it’s fantastic we can open the Weir for different kinds of activities for our community and visitors. It’s great for Charters Towers and great for tourism.
“Using the Weir for recreation allows Council to fulfil our priorities of tourism and community as outlined in our Corporate Plan 2018 – 2023,” said the Mayor.
For any questions or concerns contact Council on 4761 5300.
OGG 24 October 2019