Councillor message - Council’s Road Responsibilities - Cr Graham Lohmann


In September, Councillors and staff travelled around the region to meet with the various communities. It was a great opportunity to talk with residents and to discuss projects, to answer questions and to discuss community concerns.
One of the recurring themes with the various communities was what roads are the responsibility of Council and what are the responsibility of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.
Many roads within our region, including the Flinders Highway, the Gregory Developmental Road and the heavy vehicle bypass routes through Charters Towers are State controlled roads and are the responsibility of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.
While Council undertakes some contractual works for the Department it does not have control over those roads and cannot undertake improvements or works outside the contract without their approval.
That said, it is common that Council advises the Department of repair issues on their roads.  The advocacy role of Council’s Road Safety Advisory Committee is particularly important in raising community concerns about State controlled roads.
These issues usually relate to road safety and potential improvements to the state network.
Council, along with its partner agencies who sit on the Charters Towers Road Safety Advisory Committee are committed to making the roads in our region safer through education, enforcement and engineering strategies.
If members of the community have concerns about road infrastructure or road safety, don’t hesitate to report those concerns.  It is this information that can assist Council and its partner agencies to improve safety for all road users.
State controlled roads in need of repair can be reported online or by calling 13 19 40.
Alternatively, you can report all of your road issues by using the ‘Snap Send & Solve’ app or online at and Council will refer the issue to the appropriate agency.
- Cr Graham Lohmann
OGG 21 November 2019