Using Stories to Create Competitive Customer Experiences in the Charters Towers Region

Free Workshop Invitation 

‘Stories’ are the current tourism buzzword and storytelling is an important part of many businesses. But stories are more than just things you tell to your customers and visitors. They can also be used to design more competitive visitor and customer experiences and to improve marketing effectiveness.

This workshop, adapted from workshops run in Wales and Mallorca in 2016, will give a brief overview of the rising importance of stories in tourism and the visitor market, outline all the key dimensions of storytelling in tourism and then move into group activities designed to help participants think about how to:

  1. use stories to design new and more competitive experiences for visitors;
  2. assist visitors and customers create their own stories;
  3. manage the stories of their experiences;
  4. improve storytelling efforts; and
  5. link stories to a sustainable narrative or theme.

When:   Wednesday 8 November, 9am-1pm
Where: Leahton Park – 441 Urdera Road, Charters Towers
To Register: 4761 5533 or email

About the Presenters
Professor Gianna Moscardo

Gianna Moscardo is a Professor in the College of Business Law and Governance at James Cook University teaching sustainable tourism strategy. Her research interests include sustainable regional tourism development, visitor experience design and effective guest communication.
Her most recent work has been using stories in destination marketing, for tourist experience design and for improving tourism sustainability. In 2016 Gianna was invited to lead workshops on stories for sustainable tourist experience design in Mallorca, Spain and Wales. In recent years she has been an invited keynote speaker at tourism conferences in the USA, New Zealand, Botswana, Austria, Croatia and Italy. Gianna is the current Chair of the Building Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Education Network (BEST EN), an international organisation committed to the creation and dissemination of knowledge to support the sustainable tourism education, research and practice.

Associate Professor Laurie Murphy

Laurie’s research interests focus on improving tourism’s contribution to regional communities with an emphasis on tourism marketing, destination image and choice, and destination branding. More recently her research has evolved to look at tourism’s contribution to community wellbeing. Laurie serves on the Tourism Development and Marketing Strategic Advisory Committee for Townsville Enterprise Ltd.

Kate Osborne

Kate Osborne is interested in discovering lesser told stories that reveal personal histories and experiences in northern Australia. She has published biogeographical stories in print and on digital platforms and contributes to Science and Environment broadcasts on community radio.

SM 12 October 2017

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