Reading of Water Meters 2018

Annual Water Meter Readings across the Region will take place from Tuesday 05 June 2018 and continue for approximately two weeks.

As meters are located within the fence boundaries, it is requested that during this period, acceptable access to properties be given to persons undertaking the readings, with dogs being suitably restrained, if required. Removal of tall grass from around the meter, allowing the meter to be easily located, would also be appreciated.

Water meter readings will be disclosed on the Water Notices issued with your 1st Half Yearly Rates Notice. Rates Notice for 2018/2019 will be issued later this year, scheduled for August 2018.

Should the meter be unable to be read for any reason, a note of advice will be left in a location such as a mailbox, and Council will follow up with the property owner to resolve the matter.

Questions in relation to the annual readings should be directed to Council’s Rates Section on 07 4761 5300.

Special Note: Water meters are read by Council once per year. Accordingly, all property owners are encouraged to read their meters at least monthly, so that usage can be monitored throughout the year, so to avoid unexpected water charges.

EJH 04 June, 2018

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