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Make it Your New Year Resolution to Become Tech Savvy

Staying connected in this fast-paced world of technology can be a daunting process. Computers, smartphones, smartwatches and the internet can make some seniors a little overwhelmed.

To help seniors gain an understanding of this tech world, the Library conducts “Tech Savvy” courses throughout the year. The next one starts in February.

The course takes participants through the very basics of computers and staying connected. The aim is to present the course in a fun and engaging way and to allow seniors to help each other which in turn gives them the confidence to have a go with new technologies.

“This was a wonderful course and very, very much appreciated. It ironed out many areas I felt I didn’t’ know how to do. A huge big thank you to Erica! PS. I’m certainly still learning and would like to take another course sometime, if available.” said Lilian Cranmer, past Tech Savvy participate.

For more information or to book into the next Tech Savvy Seniors course, visit the Excelsior Library or call on 47615580.

OG 22 December 2017

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