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Councillor message - National Road Safety Week - Cr Graham Lohmann

Charters Towers Regional Council remains committed to road safety in our region.  

Whilst the theme of the National Road Safety Week 2019 (6-12 May) is focused on driver behaviour, ‘Lead the way: drive so others survive’, Council’s continued focus on maintaining and improving our road infrastructure is also vital.
Roundabouts, improved signage and resealing are a part of our safer roads commitment to the community.
In addition, we remain committed to the safety of our staff.  To that end, the Work Health and Safety section has trialled an initiative aimed at reducing animal related crashes particularly on rural roads.
In 2018, council fitted sonic animal repellers to 30 vehicles.  These devices emit ultrasonic sound waves which can be heard by animals several hundred metres away.
The trucks and light vehicles fitted travel long distances to and from worksites including the major highway upgrade on the Gregory Developmental Road at Hillgrove.
The trial has been successful with there being no animal strikes on any vehicle fitted. Council now intends to retrofit these low-cost devices to all fleet vehicles as they may enhance the safety of our staff.
For Road safety information, visit www.roadsafetyweek.net.au

- Cr Graham Lohmann
OGG 14 May 2019

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