Charters Towers MiWater

Watch your water. Anywhere, anytime.

Charters Towers residents can now take advantage of the new free MiWater website to monitor water consumption.
Charters Towers Regional Council launched the new website this week which connects to the smart water meters that were installed in Charters Towers last year.
The MiWater website, along with the smart meters, allow businesses, property owners and tenants (subject to owner approval) to track water usage, set email and SMS alerts of water leaks and high consumption.
“Launching the website means everyone with a smart meter can gain access to their water data,” said Mayor Liz Schmidt.
Smart meters offer a faster, efficient reading than the current manual reads and the ability to provide residents and Council with the tools to monitor water usage.
“Not only can Council identify and address water leaks, it will help residents identify leaks on their own properties and to manage their daily water usage. It will be a saving for residents and a saving for Council.”
“The website is easy to use, but if you do have questions please call Council on 4761 5300. Residents also still have the option to manually read their meter.”
The Smart Water Meters project was fully funded by the Works for Queensland Program, an initiative of the Queensland Government.
To sign up for MiWater visit
Charters Towers MiWater
OGG 14 February 2019

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