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Be safe this Christmas

As the busy Christmas holiday period approaches, Council is urging residents to be cautious on the roads.

The risk of death and injury significantly increases during the holiday season with more people on the roads, travelling for holidays or to visit family and friends.
According to the Department of Transport and Main Roads, "During 1 January to 9 December 2018, there were 229 fatalities as a result of crashes within Queensland…” www.tmr.qld.gov.au
“Christmas is a busy time for most. We rush to get shopping done and to prepare for festivities but what we do not prepare for is the long journey often taken for holiday or to visit family and friends. 
“All too often, those festive preparations have made road users tired, inattentive and impatient.  We are setting ourselves up for tragedy,” Cr Graham Lohmann said.
“If road users take care and drive to the road conditions, be patient and slow down, especially around roadworks, lives can be spared. Speeding is a major contributing factor for a large proportion of serious and fatal crashes and road users are often tempted to ignore speed limits of the vast open highways in our region.
“Our community is always rocked by news of one of our community members being involved in a tragic road accident. In in a split-second the lives of victims, family, friends and the community are changed forever.”
Road users are also being reminded to monitor weather warning as further flooding may be a possibility during the holiday break. The most up-to-date information can be found on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website, www.bom.gov.au, and to listen to ABC radio.
“Remember, if it's flooded, forget it,” Cr Lohmann said.   

OGG 18 December 2018

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