Appointment of Council’s new CEO- Aaron Johansson

Council held a special meeting at 9:30 am on 31 July 2017, to appoint the new Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Aaron Johansson.

Following an extensive recruitment process conducted by the recruitment consultant, Mark Ogston of Leading Roles, the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Interim CEO selected four individuals to interview from the 20 who submitted applications.

Formal interviews, conducted by a panel consisting of the Councillors, Interim CEO and recruitment consultant, were held in Charters Towers on 20 July 2017. The process included a presentation by each candidate on the approach they would take to the role in the first 90 days, responses to other set questions, and an informal discussion.

The Panel were unanimous in their selection of Mr. Aaron Johansson.

Mr Johansson is currently the Director of Corporate, Governance and Financial Services at the Isaac Regional Council, a role he has held since late 2014. Prior to his local government career, Mr Johansson held very senior financial roles in the mining, financial management and banking sectors. He is very well qualified, holding a Bachelor of Business (Accounting), several diplomas in accounting and financial planning and he is a Chartered Accountant. He has also recently completed his MBA.

The panel based its decision upon Mr Johansson’s strong executive experience in both in and outside local government. Mr Johansson’s experience and capabilities demonstrate that he has been exposed to a very broad range of challenges and opportunities at Isaac that have a high relevance to the role of CEO at Charters Towers Regional Council, whilst his attitude and temperament make a good fit within this organisation.

Mr Johansson will join Council on 3 October 2017, with Interim CEO, Bruce Davidson, being contracted to continue in the role until after the commencement and induction of Mr Johansson.

Council CEO Aaron Johansson




DV 31 July 2017

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