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Applications Open for 2018 Young Endeavour Youth Scheme

Applications are now open for individuals interested in taking part of the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme and sailing on the "Young Endeavour” in 2018.

A voyage on the tall ship Young Endeavour is a life-changing experience and aims at empowering young Australians aged 16 - 23. The voyages offer much more than simply learning to sail. Young people take away with them skills for life including communication, leadership, teamwork, self-esteem and a greater understanding of themselves and each other. As one of the 24-strong youth crew, you will meet the challenges of sailing the tall ship including climbing the 30m mast, setting sails, navigating, keeping watch and taking the helm, and  live ‘between decks’ in a close community with other youth crew from a diversity of places and backgrounds.

There are multiple voyages that the successful applicant can choose to take, with transport to the place of departure and home once the voyage has been completed their own responsibility.


Applications close: 4pm on Friday 6 April, 2018 - Extended to 4pm on Friday, 6 April 2018. 

Application forms can be obtained at Council’s City Hall in Mosman Street or download a copy here.  Further information can be found at www.youngendeavour.gov.au or by phoning Council on 07 4761 5541.

SM 06 February, 2018

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