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12 Month Contract: ERP Internal Project Manager

Minimum 12 months with option to extend based on project requirements.


Council is implementing a fully Cloud Based and Mobile Enterprise Software Suite (Technology One owned ‘OneCouncil’).  The scope of the project has been defined, the contract sealed, and a full scaled Project Plan is currently being developed. 


Council is now seeking a full-time on-site contract Project Manager responsible to coordinate and implement the Project within scope, timeframe and budget within an effective communication framework.


While applications are sought from GST Registered business operators, applications are to address the selection criteria supporting the position and provide any other relevant information.  Applicants must have proven experience with implementing a system of this size and nature.


A copy of the Position Pack including the Position Description, Project Team Structure and overall scope, can be obtained here, or by emailing tpower@charterstowers.qld.gov.au.


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