Waste management in Charters Towers and the surrounding region is progressing in leaps and bounds.  In 2014, Council combined with Townsville City, Burdekin and Hinchinbrook Shires to develop a regional waste strategy.

This was only the beginning.  The first thing to acknowledge with any plan is that it requires a significant time investment and that the success of same is only as good as the effort invested.  As a group we believe we have the right people and the regional co-operation to achieve something quite special.

A plan delivers focus, and for waste management in smaller regional centres it offers an opportunity to lift the profile of waste and the challenges that lie ahead.

Kerbside Waste Audit Report

During the early stages of community consultation, Council took a position that we couldn't move forward unless we understood where we were starting from.  So, in 2014 - 2015 Council approved a budget for waste audit, which was considered an impossible dream only a few years prior.  

View the Kerbside Waste Audit Report here.