Charters Towers Regional Council  is committed to playing an important role in securing major investments by the private sector and other levels of Government in the Region.  These investments have the potential to be major ‘game changers' for the Region, creating new industries and major employers.

Charters Towers Regional Council promotes an investment-friendly approach and is keen to assist investors to come to the Region.  Council is in the process of developing a clear policy on the actions and support it will provide to major investors in an effort to communicate Council's willingness and commitment to work with business.

Stimulating employment and general population growth is important for the Charters Towers Regional economy and community as well as the attraction of new businesses to the Region.

This growth will be achieved by:

  • retaining the benefits from the mining and agricultural industries;
  • minimising the leakage of consumer spending from the Region;
  • building lifestyle infrastructure to attract and retain people and skills;
  • developing Charters Towers as a major service centre to the rural north;
  • maximising regional tourism opportunities;
  • advancing major projects; and,
  • supporting investment from a wide range of investors, including State and Federal Governments.

Currently, new projects and project concepts include:

Solar Utility and Data Centre Project
Council is proactively seeking to use innovation in the area of renewable energy and knowledge/digital economy for the purpose of expanding the economic base of the Region.

Both projects represent a strong focus on commercialising new technologies to enhance the existing economy pillars of mining, agriculture and education.

In order to develop a solar utility capable of power generation for new industrial and commercial projects in the Charters Towers Region and establishment of a Data Centre, a partnership with private sector is necessary to successfully implement same.

Regional Projects

Further information regarding current regional projects may also be obtained from the following sites: