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Charters Towers Regional Council creates art for all Queenslanders

Projects in Charters Towers have come alive as part of one of the State's most active arts programs, announced by Charters Towers Regional Council CEO Mark Crawley.

"The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and regional councils," Mr Crawley said.

The latest round of grants, totalling $28,003 for Charters Towers, includes:

  • Robyn Barrie: Creating memory bunting workshops, $1,080. Workshops taught participants how to create memory bunting to be used as display for an event, celebration or decoration. The skills learnt are transferable over many different craft skill sets. These workshops were held from September 5 to 13.
  • NQ Scots: Celtic experience workshop, $3,550. These introductory workshops were offered in two parts. The first was for newcomers offering information and experience of playing easily accessible folk music as part of a community group. The second was a band musicianship workshop for Charters Towers locals including members of the Charters Towers Excelsior Brass Band. The workshops were part of the Cultural and Heritage Festival and were held on September 13 and 14.
  • Charters Towers Patchwork and Quilters Group Inc, $2,769. This patchworking and finishing techniques workshop allowed participants to expand their knowledge of how to finish a patchwork project to a high standard. This workshop was held on October 12 and 13.
  • Greenvale and District Senior Citizens Club Inc, $5,100. Participants at these creative sewing workshops were exposed to a variety of creative sewing experiences which will assist in building the confidence of participants and their understanding of their tools. The first workshop was held on September 21. The second workshop will be offered on April 13, 2014.
  • All Souls St Gabriels School, $8,224. Charters Towers art teachers along with local and regional artists provided a two-day workshop for young people, 15-18 years, to transform recycled books into sculptural works which respond to environmental stimulus. The objective was to engage young people in community art and provide new platforms for displaying and curating art. This workshop was held on September 14-15.
  • Kane Maneykaws, $7,280. Graffiti, hip hop dance, whistles and ukulele workshops engaged professional artists to work with local community members to develop their skills in these areas. The workshops were offered in conjunction with LATTE events and were held from September 23 to 28.

Arts Minister Ian Walker said the Regional Arts Development Fund supports more than 3000 arts and cultural projects each year.

"In 2013–14, the Queensland Government will provide $2.015 million, with another $1.49 million coming from 55 Queensland councils," Mr Walker said.

"This means $3.5 million for arts and cultural projects across the State, enabling communities to choose projects to meet their own needs and opportunities.

"Partnerships like this are a primary focus in the way the Newman Government invests in the arts," Mr Walker said.

The Regional Arts Development Fund also delivers on the State Government's Arts for all Queenslanders strategy."

For the more information on RADF contact Charters Towers Regional Council, phone 07 4761 5300.

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