The Charters Towers Regional Council Roads Infrastructure Department implements a number of standards and specifications in regards to civil design and utilities and these have been made available for the benefit of the public.

The purpose of these drawings is to provide typical standard details and whilst all care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of these drawings, in the case of any discrepancies, please contact the Roads Infrastructure Department on phone 07 4761 5300 to advise.

Copyright of these drawings is vested with Charters Towers Regional Council.

Drawing Reference Description Date Adopted
S0049-1 Grid Abutment Details (PDF, 94kb) 16/07/2014
S0049-2 Grid End Panels and Fence Options (PDF, 83kb) 16/07/2014
S0049-3 Grid Warning Sign Layout (PDF, 94kb) 16/07/2014
S0049-4 Grid Weld Details (PDF, 132kb) 16/07/2014