Cr Liz Schmidt, Mayor   

Portfolio: Disaster Management, Advocacy, Regional Representation
Ex-Officio Representative on all Portfolios
Township/s: Hervey Range, Hidden Valley, Mount Fox

Cr Liz Schmidt

Register of Interests

PO Box 189Junior Community Grants Open Now
Charters Towers  Qld  4820
Home Ph: 07 4787 7230
Facsimile: 07 4761 5344
Mobile: 0429 635 135


Cr Sonia Bennetto, Deputy Mayor 

Portfolio: Tourism, Community Grants & Events and Technology
Township/s: Greenvale

Cr Sonia Bennetto

Register of Interests

PO Box 1799
Charters Towers  Qld  4820
Home Ph: TBA
Mobile: 0421 239 461


Cr Graham Lohmann, APM

Portfolio: Community Safety - Roads and Local Disaster Management; Arts and Culture.
Township/s: Pentland, Balfes Creek, Homestead

Cr Lohmann

Register of Interests 

16 Towers St
Grand Secret   Qld  4820
Home Ph: 07 4787 7472

Mobile: 0467 966 908


Cr Alan Barr

Portfolio: Roads & Infrastructure Management, Plant & Equipment, Water Resources, Community Facilities
Township/s: Belyando Crossing

‚ÄčCr Alan BarrRegister of Interests

19 Aplin St
Charters Towers  Qld  4820
Home Ph: 07 4787 1010
Mobile: 0418 737 213


Cr Brett Maff

Portfolio: Finance, Sport & Recreation, Regional Economic Development, Internal Audit
Township/s: N/A

Cr Brett MaffRegister of Interests

2A Gordon St
Charters Towers  Qld  4820
Business: 07 4787 7656
Mobile:  0438 172 990

Cr Roma Bailey

Portfolio: Roads & Infrastructure Management, Plant & Equipment, Water Resources, Community Facilities
Township/s: Ravenswood, Mingela, Sellheim

Cr Roma BaileyRegister of Interests

10 Dan Lane
PO Box 482
Charters Towers Qld 4820
Home Ph: 07 4787 3063
Mobile: 0439 782 302


Cr Mike Power

Portfolio: Airports, Town Planning, Environment
Township/s: N/A

Cr Mike PowerRegister of Interests

1 Parkinson St
Charters Towers Qld 4820
Home Ph: 07 4787 3086
Mobile: 0438 386 943



In 2012, Council agreed to the establishment of a Portfolio System as part of its corporate decision-making structure.

Council adopted its new Portfolio System on 18 May 2016.  The Policy is available for viewing here.

Council adopted a revised Expenses Reimbursement and Provision of Facilities Policy on 18 May 2016. The Policy is available for viewing here.

Councillors' Discretionary Funds

In accordance with Local Government Regulation 2012 S202 (2), Charters Towers Regional Council has established Councillor Discretionary Funds in support of community purposes and meeting requests for financial assistance from community organisations.  This policy is in addition to and supported by Council’s Community Grants and Donations Policy.

The amounts as set out below have been allocated for each Councillor's Discretionary Fund.  

At the March 2017 General Meeting, Council adopted revisions to the Policy streamlining the process for funding and enabling Councillors to complete the form, submit to the CEO to check eligibility and process the release of funds.

An amendment has also been made to the eligibility criteria, to include Parents and Citizens Associations and School Awards Nights.

Community organisations who are eligible under the CTRC Councillors’ Discretionary Funds Policy may make an application directly to a Councillor for funding.   To apply, please contact the Councillor directly by email or telephone as set out below:






Mayor Liz Schmidt


0429 635 135

Deputy Mayor Sonia Bennetto


0421 239 461

Councillor Mike Power


0438 386 943

Councillor Graham Lohmann


0467 966 908

Councillor MJ (Roma) Bailey 


0439 782 302

Councillor Allan Barr


0418 737 213

Councillor Brett Maff


0438 172 990


In accordance with Section 202(7) of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council will as soon as practicable after an amount has been allocated and paid from a councillor's discretionary funds, publish a notice stating: 

(a)  the amount and purpose of the allocation; and

(b)  where an amount has been allocated to a community organisation, the name of that community organisation. 

For further information, please refer to the following documents (published on Council’s website, or available on request).