Legislation dictates that Council establish a number of plans upon which it relies for future decision making. Many of these can be viewed and printed from the table below.

Two of Council's key planning documents are the Corporate Plan and the Operational Plan.  

Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan is a one year rolling plan and a detailed road map for the Region, which identifies the projects, operations and services which the Council will implement during the life of the Corporate Plan. The Corporate Plan, in conjunction with the Strategic Financial Plan, will set the Council's resource and budgeting priorities for the life of the Corporate Plan. Councillors are provided with a quarterly update on the Corporate Plan.

The Corporate Plan translates the community's vision into actionable programs deliverable by Council. It articulates how Council will implement a five year period of the Community Plan in those areas that it carries responsibility for (as opposed to the other areas of the Community Plan where responsibility lies with other government agencies or organisations). Council's Corporate Plan also defines the outcome measures that it will use to demonstrate progress towards achieving the vision outlined in the Community Plan. These measures are reported against through Council's Annual Report.

The Corporate Plan is defined in accordance with the globally recognised sustainability framework of Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL), which focuses on the goals of economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, social sustainability and responsible governance. The Plan is adopted prior to the start of the first financial year covered by the plan and reviewed on an annual basis.

Council's 2018-2023 Corporate Plan (adopted 16 May 2018 and revised July 2019) is available for inspection at its Customer Service Centres and Libraries, as well as online here. A fee is charged for copies of the Corporate Plan printed and released to members of the public.

Operational Plan

The Operational Plan links Council's strategic directions (set out in the Corporate Plan) to the projects, initiatives and ongoing activities to be delivered for a particular financial year, and funded through Council's annual budget. The plan is comprised of a number of key activities and outputs which Council is committed to delivering over a financial year. Council is required to report quarterly on the progress of all operational activities to ensure financial responsibility and the sustainability of our Region and community assets.

Progress on the implementation of the Operational Plan is measured using a suite of performance measures and reported quarterly through the Corporate Performance Report, by the Chief Executive Officer to Council.

Council's 2019-2020 Operational Plan was adopted 26 July, 2019 and is available here.

Quarterly Corporate Performance Reports are prepared to measure performance against Council's Corporate and Operational Plan, and tabled for Council. Progress on implemention of the 2019-2020 Operational Plan is available by clicking the link.


PDF Documents can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free here.

Corporate Publications Corporate Publications

Corporate Publications

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Download file/image 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey Full Report
2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey
Download file/image 2019 Federal Election Priorities
Charters Towers Regional Council 2019 Federal Election Priorities
Download file/image Action Plan for Advocacy STRAT00006 adopted 12 October 2016 982.7k
Download file/image Advocacy Plan June 2019 5,819.2k
Download file/image Airport Master Plan Adopted November 2014.pdf 6,717.0k
Download file/image Aligned Charters Towers City Council Planning Scheme 2,440.3k
Download file/image Aligned Dalrymple Shire Council Planning Scheme 3,813.5k
Download file/image Budget Presentation 2016-2017 to Community
Presented to Community via Powerpoint 18 July 2016
Download file/image Business Continuity Plan
Endorsed General Meeting of Council 17-04-19
Download file/image Cenotaph Heritage Report 2016
Report compiled by Allom Heritage February 2016
Download file/image Charters Towers Sport & Recreation Strategy.Final Version.Adopted 16 May 2007.pdf 1,743.0k
Download file/image Charters Towers Youth Strategy Scoping Report
Planning Sustainable Development
Download file/image Community Report Card 1,041.5k
Download file/image Consultation Feedback 14 March 2015.pdf 625.4k
Download file/image Corporate Planning Consultation Report 2015.pdf 486.0k
Download file/image CTRC Asset and Services Management Plan_Core Plan_Adopted 14 March 2012.pdf 818.4k
Download file/image CTRC Community Plan- 2011-2035 3,968.7k
Download file/image CTRC Corporate Plan 2018-2023
STRAT0054 Adopted 16 May 2018, revised July 2019
Download file/image CTRC Governance Framework- Adopted 19 April 2017.pdf 793.7k
Download file/image CTRC Style Guide 2015 259.9k
Download file/image Drought Management Plan update August 2015 3,380.5k
Download file/image Economic Development Plan 2015-2020 adopted 10-07-2015 789.9k
Download file/image Fraud and Corruption Prevention Framework 2,770.8k
Download file/image Lissner Park Conservation Management Plan
Conservation Management Plan for Lissner Park, Charters Towers
Download file/image Major Projects Community Update
Presented to Community 18 July 2016
Download file/image Old Pump Station Conservation Study
Conservation Study of the Former Burdekin River Pumping Station, Charters Towers
Download file/image One Square Mile Conservation Management Plan Volume One - History
Conservation Management Plan for the 'one square mile' in Charters Towers
Download file/image One Square Mile Conservation Management Plan Volume Two - Conserving The Place
Conservation Management Plan for the 'one square mile' in Charters Towers
Download file/image Operational Plan 2015-2016 - adopted 10-07-2015. 2,100.3k
Download file/image Operational Plan 2016-2017 - adopted 18-07-2016_website.pdf
Operational Plan 2016-2017 adopted 18-07-2016
Download file/image Operational Plan 2017-2018
Operational Plan 2017-2018 Adopted 31-07-2017
Download file/image Operational Plan 2017-2018 - September 2017 Quarterly Report.pdf
Operational Plan 2017-2018 September 2017 Quarterly Report
Download file/image Operational Plan 2018-2019
Adopted by Council 26 June, 2018
Download file/image Operational Plan 2019-2020
Adopted 26 July 2019
Download file/image Operational Plan 2019-2020 Second Quarter Progress Report Oct-Dec 2019 532.0k
Download file/image Pest Management Plan 2013-2017.pdf 2,247.1k
Download file/image Presentation for launch of Youth Report 535.8k
Download file/image Project Advocacy February 2015 12,536.7k
Download file/image Register of Local Laws
...made under S31 of the Local Government Act 2009 ECM#1338744
Download file/image Saleyards Strategic Plan- Adopted GM 16 July 2014
Saleyards Strategic Plan adopted by Council 16 July 2014
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