Charters Towers Jurisdiction Areas
The Department of Transport and Main Roads (Northern District) (TMR) is responsible for the highways and State Controlled roads within the Charters Towers Region.

Through negotiation with TMR, Council is responsible for the maintenance of a number of Main Roads within the Charters Towers Region under the Road Maintenance Performance Contract (RMPC).

These roads are: 

  • The Lynd Highway (north - south through Greenvale and Charters Towers);
  • Flinders Highway (east - west through Mingela, Charters Towers, Balfes Creek, Homestead and Pentland); and,
  • Clermont Highway (north - south from Charters Towers through Belyando Crossing).

In accordance with the contractual agreement, Council carries out works such as road, drainage, road furniture and vegetation maintenance on these roads.

Council also tenders for minor works and capital works projects on declared roads by way of open tender and agreed price performance contracts.

Other TMR funded programs for roads and infrastructure are managed by Council on behalf of the Department with the aim to improving Council's road and drainage network.  

Transport & Main Roads – General Information
Requests or complaints pertaining to State Controlled roads outside of Council's regional boundaries are the responsibility of the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Townsville.

Emergency situations such as traffic incidents, oil spills, chemical spills, landslides and large obstructions can be advised to Council by phoning 07 4761 5300.

Alternatively, contact can be made with the TMR Townsville Traffic Management Centre on 13 19 40.