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Councillor message - Draft Regional Planning Scheme - Community Consultation Closing - Cr Mike Power

On Friday the 29th March, community consultation for the draft Regional Planning Scheme will close.

As the draft Regional Planning Scheme affects the whole Region, I want to encourage the community to ask questions and provide feedback about the plan before this closure.

The draft Regional Planning Scheme is an important document as it integrates Local, Regional and State Interests into a single regulatory document.

This includes clarifications for roads, administrative definitions, zoning changes and electricity infrastructure. It will provide greater protection of fishery, aquatic ecosystems and aboriginal cultural heritage. A more sophisticated approach to the protection of the Region’s stock routes is also a key outcome.

The draft Regional Planning Scheme will replace the current Charters Towers and Dalrymple Shire Planning Schemes. It will detail Council’s plan for the future direction of the Region.

It will provide an updated framework for planning and development and aims to foster economic development. It will significantly reduce Development Application triggers across all zones particularly the City Centre.

It supports a greater range of land uses such as alternative business and tourism opportunities within the Rural and Townships Zones.

I wish to thank everyone that have already given their feedback or have come along to the different information sessions across the greater Region.

Feedback has been very positive and we’re happy that the new draft Regional Planning Scheme is being well received.

For more information visit Council’s website

- Councillor Mike Power

OGG 15 March 2019