Who can deliver ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) for disposal?

  • Legally - only approved transporters; or
  • Residents carrying less than 250kg

Am I required to Contact Council prior to Disposal?

  • No, for quantities less than 250kg
  • Yes, for quantities over 250kg. Prior Notice of at least 48 hours is required.

Where can ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) be disposed of in the Charters Towers Region?

  • One location only – Stubley Street Landfill, located at 1 Stubley Street, TOLL QLD 4820.  Please contact Council for further information – 07 4761 5300
  • Asbestos Disposal is limited to:  Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Asbestos acceptance policy

  • One location only – Stubley Street Landfill, located at 1 Stubley Street, TOLL QLD 4820.
  • Council Weighbridge Staff have been given a broad directions on types of material that could contain asbestos.  If there is any doubt, the material will be regarded as if it does contain asbestos.
  • Landfill staff require at least 48 hours' notice for amounts greater than 250kg. Please contact council to advise on 07 4761 5300.
  • Asbestos must have been wetted down and at least double wrapped in durable plastic so that the load is air tight.
  • Unless load is delivered by tipping type vehicle, all wrapped bundles must be of a size manageable by 1-2 persons as Council officers or Contractors are not permitted to assist for safety liability reasons.
  • Approved transporters must provide a completed waste transport certificate (or approved alternative) for each load of trackable waste.  Contact should be made with the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection (13 74 68) if more information is required on waste transport certificates.

What are the fees for disposing of ACM (Asbestos Containing Material)?