If you are planning to undertake building works, it will be necessary for you to obtain a development permit from Council.

Please note that in some circumstances, a building or plumbing Development Permit cannot be issued until Planning Scheme approvals are in place.

Application Forms

DA Form 1 - Development Application Details (Doc, 137kb)

DA Form 2 - Building Work Details (Doc, 107kb)

Intended Method of Termite Protection (PDF, 272kb)

QDC Sustainable Building Requirements (PDF, 284kb)


Application checklist - Dwelling, Alterations, Additions, Patios (Class 1a) (PDF, 73kb)

Application checklist - Re-roof (PDF, 43kb)

Application checklist - Sheds and Carports (Class 10a) (PDF, 96kb)

Application checklist - Swimming Pools (PDF, 107kb)

Guidelines on conversion of existing Class 10a buildings to Class 1a buildings (e.g. Shed to Dwelling) (PDF, 271kb)

Additional forms, templates and guidelines relating to building are available from the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning website.

For information on the type of Development Approvals required or for information on the Development Approval process, please contact Council's Planning and Sustainable Development Department on phone 07 4761 5544.