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Set sail in 2020


Charters Towers Regional Council is seeking applications for a voyage on the tall ship “Young Endeavour” in 2020 for persons aged 16 to 23 years in the region.
The Young Endeavour Youth Scheme is recognised internationally as a leading youth development program, providing skills for life. These include communication, leadership, teamwork, self-esteem and a greater understanding of themselves and each other.
Last year, Callan Burgoine had the opportunity to take the 11-day voyage. “…this little opportunity was one of the best things I have ever done in my life!” Mr Burgoine said.
“I got the chance to do so many things on the ship. I learnt to navigate, man the helm, sail the ship and learnt about all the different sails and their purposes.”
Mayor Liz Schmidt said this is an incredible opportunity for our youth.
“The Young Endeavour Program allows youth to develop teamwork and leadership skills, discover their inner strengths and build resilience.
“I want to encourage our youth to apply for this program. You don’t need to have sailing experience, just a willingness to learn and to go on an amazing adventure at sea.”
As most participants have never been to sea before, the youth crew are supervised and supported by carefully selected and trained Royal Australian Navy crew.
The successful candidate will make up part of a 24-strong youth crew and will need to meet the challenges of sailing the tall ship and living ‘between decks’ in a close community.
For more information visit or call Council on 07 4761 5300.
Applications close at 4pm on Friday 6 March 2020.
OGG 23 January 2020