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Rural Industry Advisory Committee Successful with new Gate and Grid Policy

Rural Industry Advisory Committee meet to review the Gate and Grid Policy

Throughout our region many privately owned grids and gates are used on public roads to control the movement of livestock. These grids and gates need to follow certain guidelines to be compliant to the Council’s grids policy.

When a significant number of landholders expressed their concern over complex grid specifications and the deadline to become compliant, Mayor Liz Schmidt saw the need for consultation and collaboration between rural representatives and Council.

In February of this year, Charters Towers Regional Council established a Rural Industry Advisory Committee to allow for open consultation between Landholders and Council. The Committee is made up of 10 Landowners in four district quadrants of the region, Mayor Liz Schmidt, Deputy Mayor Sonia Bennetto, Cr Roma Bailey, Cr Alan Barr, Director Roads Infrastructure, Manager Technical Services, Rural Coordinator and Governance Compliance Officer.

“Council has been working with landowners for a number of years, but we needed a platform to assist in recognising and addressing rural issues that are significant to our region.” said Mayor Schmidt.

“Our main priority was to work through Council’s grid policy and ensure all grids on public roads in our region are compliant, while reducing the perceived unreasonable treatment of some landholders under the policy.” said the Mayor.

The Committee reviewed the grid compliance specifications and modified the policy to reflect more appropriate parameters for landholders to work with. 

The new gate and grid policy was successfully adopted by Council at the General Council Meeting last month. The deadline for compliance has been extended until the 31 December 2018, to give rural landholders time to work through the pressures of a possible big wet season.

Deputy Mayor Sonia Bennetto gave praise to the committee for the work they achieved.

“The new amended grids policy has been the result of extensive consultation with the region's nominated rural representatives, and it has been a platform for rebuilding relationships with our bush residents. I strongly feel we need to give them ownership of this great outcome.” said Cr Bennetto

With the resolution of the gate and grid policy, the committee will look to other issues affecting the region with their focus on wild dogs and noxious weeds.


EJH 10 November, 2017