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Council advises that Level 3 water restrictions will be in place for Ravenswood residents from Monday 13 January 2020 until further notice.
This is due to low dam storage levels and Burdekin River pumping restrictions.
As temperatures increase it is important for residents to limit water use to internal domestic use only.
Level 3 water restrictions include:
  • Sprinklers are not permitted at any time
  • Attended hand-held hosing is allowed between 5am–7am and 7pm-9pm
  • Watering of lawn areas not permitted
  • Watering of garden beds/shrubbery areas - micro spray and drip system not permitted
  • Hosing paths and driveways is not permitted
Council apologises for any inconvenience and appreciates the community’s cooperation.
For further information, or if you have any concerns please call Council on 4761 5300.
Aaron Johansson        
Chief Executive Officer 
OGG 9 January 2020