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Local law amendment - Dogs allowed in CBD


Charters Towers Regional Council has amended local law No. 2 (Animal Management), allowing dogs within the Charters Towers CBD. The amendment allows dogs on-leash within Gill and Mosman Streets.
Other amendments to the law require mandatory cat de-sexing as a condition of sale from the Pound and amending the City, Environs and Designated Town Areas to reflect the zoning within the Charters Towers Regional Town Plan.
Mayor Liz Schmidt said allowing leashed dogs within the CBD of Charters Towers is great for tourism.
“In the past, we’ve had feedback from tourists wanting to bring their pets into our City, but the local law prevented this from happening.
“Council consulted with local business owners in Gill Street and Mosman Street regarding the amendment. Feedback was positive to the change and business owners felt it would be great for tourism.
“By amending the local law we’ve joined other local Councils in becoming a dog-friendly town.
“Travellers can now bring their dog with them without the need to leave them locked in hot cars and caravans as they explore our City.”
With this amendment comes the added responsibility for owners to ensure their dog’s safety and the safety of the community.
“We want to encourage owners to do the right thing and be responsible. Dogs must always be kept on a leash and should be under control. Any dog showing signs of aggression or anti-social behaviour need to be removed by their owner.
“Owners should not tie their dogs up on the footpaths, leaving them unattended and they also need to clean up after their dog,” said the Mayor.
To ensure the health and well-being of your pet and to find out what your obligations are, click here or call Council on 4761 5300.
A copy of the Subordinate Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2011 is available at Council’s City Hall Office or on Council’s website.

OGG 12 Sept 2019