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Declutter and make some cash

Over 400,000 people across the country are set to participate in the ninth annual Garage Sale Trail.
The Garage Sale Trail is a community and sustainability event designed to encourage households, schools, community groups and local businesses to put secondhand first to reduce waste.
Mayor Liz Schmidt said Council is happy to get behind and support this community event.
“The Garage Sale Trail is a fun and social way for the community to be involved in waste reduction. It’s a great way for us to declutter our homes and allow others to use what we don’t want any more. It’s also a great way to make some extra cash in the process.”
The 2018 Garage Sale Trail on average:
  • Household garage sales made $309
  • Participants connected with 46 local people
  • More than 500kgs of various items were sold and re-distributed at each garage sale
Event organisers project that more than 2 million items will be listed for sale and reused for the 2019 event.
“Garage Sale Trail is about encouraging the re-use of items rather than sending it to landfill. Whenever we throw something away, it uses up resources to manage and impacts our environment.  Depending on what the item is, it will sit buried in landfill for many years to come.
“I want to encourage our community to support this event,” said Mayor Schmidt
The nation-wide event will run on Saturday, 19 October and Sunday, 20 October 2019 and is set to involve more Australians than ever before with over 16,000 garage sale events being organised.
Host a sale or shop the Trail at

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