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Councillor message - Water Infrastructure Upgrade Project - January 2020 Update - Cr Alan Barr


In May of 2018, Council began work on the Water Infrastructure Upgrade Project (WIUP) which included the construction of a new water treatment plant and other upgrades in Charters Towers.
The Project has been a major undertaking and when complete will cost a total of $21.55M, with co-funding from the Federal Government of $8.65M.
With the severe wet weather we experienced at the beginning of 2019, the project did experience some setbacks and delays, however, I’m happy to report that the project is over 90% complete.
Recently completed works include:
  • All structures at the water treatment plant.
  • New surge tank installed.
  • The booster pump station.
  • Refurbishment of the steel reservoir.
Over the coming weeks, crews will undertake the commissioning of the water treatment plant and the new switchboards at the Weir Pump Station. This will test the equipment and assure all the systems and components are operating as they should.
Over the next few months, minor projects will be finalised and all remaining work is expected to be completed. We will continue to update the community as the work progresses.
Its Council’s commitment and priority to provide reliability and security of Charters Towers’ water supply while ensuring that the impact on the community both financially and through water restrictions during construction are kept to a minimum.
When completed the new clarifier and new gravity filters will have a 60+ year life and all the upgrades will increase water production capacity to 22 ML per day, up from 18 ML per day.”
- Cr Alan Barr
OGG 16 January 2020