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Councillor message - New Local Government Infrastructure Plan adopted - Cr Mike Power


In October 2019, Council released its new draft Charters Towers Regional Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) for community consultation.
This consultation period allowed the community to have their say about how the plan addresses the future infrastructure needs of our region. I want to thank the community for providing their input.
The LGIP is a requirement under the Planning Act 2016 and helps Council plan for the delivery of infrastructure in our region.
A few of the key purposes of the LGIP includes:
  • Guidance for future capital works (not maintenance), including assistance with long term financial and infrastructure planning.
  • Ensures that future infrastructure is planned and provided for in an efficient and coordinated manner, which aligns with the new Regional Town Plan.
  • Allows Council to levy infrastructure charges on new development.
  • Provides ongoing transparency about Council’s plans for the provision of future infrastructure to support growth and residents across the region.
I’m happy to report that the final LGIP was approved by the Minister of the Department of State Development, Manufacturing Infrastructure and Planning in December 2019.
In the January General Meeting of Council, the new Charters Towers Regional Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) was adopted.
The Charters Towers Regional Local Government Infrastructure Plan affects the whole Region and includes future roads, pathways, parks, sporting facilities, water infrastructure and land for community facilities.
The Plan took effect from Monday 10 February 2020 and is available on Council’s website or from Council offices.
- Councillor Mike Power
OGG 13 February 2020