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Councillor message - Livestock on roadsides - Cr Bernie Robertson

Drought conditions are especially hard on the rural community, especially if landholders are strained through additional duties in keeping stock alive.

At times it may be tempting to allow cattle and other livestock to wander along roadsides to graze. Wandering stock can be a major problem for road users and the general public.
Motorists have expressed their concerns to Council regarding the risks of livestock wandering the road. It puts lives at risk, can cause significant damage to vehicles and destroy livestock.
To allow cattle to graze in public areas requires a permit, which may have conditions and fees. Options available for landholders to allow temporary grazing of reserves, stock routes or unallocated state land include:
  • Option 1:  Application for Agistment Permit on relevant land
  • Option 2: Application/Permit for Trustee Permit
  • Option 3: Application for Permit to Occupy
For more information regarding permits, contact Council on 4761 5300.
It is understandable that there are times property owners are unable to keep their herds behind wire during extenuating circumstances, including severe weather events.
I urge all stock owners to be responsible with stock containment and to not allow stock to wander.
If you see wandering cattle report it immediately. For non-urgent incidents, residents should call Council on 4761 5300 or use the Snap Send Solve app.
- Councillor Bernie Robertson
OGG 6 December 2018