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Council releases Advocacy Plan

Charters Towers Regional Council has released its new Advocacy Plan for 2019 which outlines 8 key priorities it is advocating the State and Federal Governments.

Mayor Liz Schmidt said the 8 priorities represent our region’s needs and desires. “This Advocacy Plan provides a platform for our key initiatives that we need support with to drive our community forward.

“Advocacy is a powerful way for communities to progress matters that are important to them. We want to be able to constructively work together with other levels of government to achieve our region’s needs.”

Council’s key priorities include Big Rocks Weir, Drought Assistance, Flying Fox Management, Transport Infrastructure, Financial Assistance Grants, Defence, Telecommunications and Improved Health Services.

“Some of these priorities are already in motion, especially Big Rocks Weir. However, we will continue to advocate these issues to see them through to fruition.

“This Plan clearly outlines our need for water security and irrigated agriculture. It outlines the need for a strong policy platform for drought assistance; a whole-of-government approach to managing flying foxes and arterial upgrades to support the growth of transport infrastructure.

“We also need our fair share of essential services funding and join other Councils nationwide to ask for restored Federal Assistance Grants (FAGs).

“We are pushing to get improved health services. Current services are inadequate. Our current hospital is not fit for purpose and requires replacement.”

Council will send copies of the Advocacy Plan to both State and Federal Members of Parliament. Copies of the Plan will also be available from the Administration Centre, City Hall and via the following link - Advocacy Plan.

EJH 13 June 2019